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BITCOIN     the new encrypted internet currency…..  an  MIT sanctioned effort.   Software is under an MIT open source license:

BITCOIN is a barter currency with an estimated value in excess of $$ 2 Billion USD in 2013 and growing.  Strong encryption safeguards the transactions using public/private keys.  Key ring available on MIT www site.  Barter is sanctioned by USIRS but the transactions are taxable after proper filing on IRS returns and accepted accounting practices.   BUT very difficult to track due to the encryption model employed.


DFS is an excellent www site marketing cards and stationary for submariners.  High quality products – highly recommended.

USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601) bubblehead 41 ED Dolphin Qual Boat.

Tor Project: Anonymity Online

Tor prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits. Tor is for web browsers, instant messaging clients, and more. Tor is free and open source.

The Legislative Advocacy Network is an initiative of the MIT Alumni Association in partnership with the MIT Washington DC Office ( Our goal is to keep graduates informed of legislative issues that impact funding for research, financial aid, and STEM Education. As an initial step, you should visit the Legislative Advocacy Network Toolkit ( for more information and ideas.

Encrypt Mail
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT PGP Public Key Server

There are two real worries about people intercepting email.
The first is that people with legitimate access, such as email
administrators, might be exposed to messages that contain
confidential information. This is especially relevant in industries
like healthcare and finance, where strict regulations determine
what can be sent to whom and who has visibility into what. In
this case it may be less an issue of prying eyes than making
sure businesses are compliant. The second worry, of course,
is that someone could illegally gain access to email that could
expose sensitive data. This can happen over wireless networks,
such as the free Wi-Fi hotspot at the local coffee shop, or it
might happen when someone hacks into a company’s network
undetected, giving them access to all the email being sent.

IMHO……if Clintons had encrypted (PGP been around at least 20 years) all would be fine………






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