Useful References:
Lessons Not learned: The US Navy’s Status Quo Culture by Roger Thompson

This post will examine the motivation of the USN to take highly proven Petty Officers post WWII and send them to the best engineering universities in America and then to NAVOCS to inject technical excellence into the operating officer corps.  I attended NC State 1964-1968 with sixteen sailors and marines in this program…..that year approximately 300 nationwide were sent to the universities.  That same year the Naval Academy was placed on probation for academic failure  by the Association of Southern Colleges and Universities…….USNA almost lost its accrediation as a four year college……it was that bad.

NESEPs saved the USN operating Officer Corps from itself……….remains a problem as an institution.  The nation ALSO suffers from a damaged culture that permits 110,000 H1B visas yearly for FOREIGN engineers because the American culture fails to provide the rewards and motivation for academic and technical excellence……..the military academies fall short…….CANOE U is a reality……..still…….






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