There are several reasons our educational system is indeed broken(broke – bankrupt)…….I choose as the initial topic a review of the recommended readings for USA kids circa 1890. I get to choose this topic because I OWN THIS SITE……simple. We started down this educational toilet in the 1960s when the Boomers “felt good – do it” attitude and the wrong headed “let the children teach us” slop started to corrode our society. Whelps of Boomers continue the slide to the sewer system of the evolving world. Whelps dote on their designer redolts and continue the farce we call education USA.

Here is a SIMPLE test for Boomers, Whelps, and rewhelps(suckers). Ask your welps-whelps-whelps to read the following IF THEY CAN……uhhhh……. Read……….they cannot is the bet ……then ask their teachers to verify they can read and IF they have read any or all items from the recommended reading list – the list is from McGUFFY’s SIXTH Eclectic READER…..published in 1879, 1896, 1907, and 1921. It is the reader used by many USA high school STUDENTS of the time period. Here is the list:
Arnolds Sohrab and Rustum
Burke’s Conciliation and The American Colonies
Caryle’s Essay on Burns
Coleridge’s Riyme of The Ancient Mariner
DeFoe’s History of The Plague in London
Emerson’s The AmericanScholar, Self-Reliance and Compensation
Franklin’s Autobiography
Goldsmith’s Vicar of Wakefield
Irving’s Sketchbook
Irving’s Tales of a Traveler

To be continued. Remember, now these are readings for HIGH SCHOOL KIDS………the issue is not the content but the exercise of the facilities……..little of which Whelps+ have any exposure to these days.

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